After a five year absence, I returned to Bent Tree yesterday. Played with Thomas, a former client, and was paired with two fine gentlemen from Swinden, England. Nice head to head match…but we won our “beer bet” as we closed them out on 15.

    On our way back to the updated clubhouse I picked up a new membership brochure. Although “fully private” they do have a “Be a member for the Day” offer. Play for $55 …or even less if you book on-line. Truth be known, this course is now semi-private but they simply won’t advertise or acknowledge it publicly. Any non-member who phones up is pretty certain to obtain a t-time of their choosing. New sand everywhere and re-done greens make it very playable. Full equity memberships run $5000 and $531 per month. An Associate can join for a $1,200 initiation fee and $146 per month plus $100 for driving range priviledges.

     As for property choices, the community is made up of single family homes starting from the high $100’s, and topping out at the high $600’s. Options for all budget’s really. Since the golf club’s inception in 1975, homes were built starting in the late 70’s and well into the 80’s. Of the 20 homes presently listed for sale, only one was built in the 2000’s. Fifteen homes have changed hands in the last six months averaging about 90% of asking price. Drop me a line and I would be happy to e-mail home options in any price range or provide more information on the community with no mandatory golf membership required.