In the past six months 24 new businesses have opened their doors in downtown Sarasota.  Sure we had our losses like Sarasota News and Books and Jakes but things are looking brighter.

The 24 openings out numbered the 10 closings. This has exceeded the  expectations of the  Downtown Sarasota Alliance and is great news for all of us who enjoy downtown Sarasota.


Meanwhile in the world of real estate – thing are looking  up there as well –

In January 2010 property sales were 58% higher than January 2009.

The inventory for condos and single family homes has gone down approx. 50% from last years numbers – near the lowest level since the summer of 2005 and the years prior to the boom period 2003-2005 . Now that’s a  positive  improvement for our Sarasota real estate market.