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If you are thinking of putting your Sarasota property for sale this is for you!  But do not fear…You are not alone… Remember you have us to lean on.

Call us for a free price analysis of your Sarasota home. The Sarasota Real Estate market has shifted to the sellers favor and we would love to market your house or condo for you!  Inventory is low for Sarasota golf course properties, downtown Sarasota condos and Siesta Key, Longboat Key & Lido Key waterfront properties and Mainland Sarasota waterfront homes  so the Sarasota real estate market is ready for you now!  It’s the perfect time to get started and be ready for the upcoming season.

Here are some helpful tips to help you get prepared before you put your Sarasota property up for sale.

First things fist – It is an obvious one but some sellers can be careless so it must be mentioned. Check Curb Appeal!  Paint, Mow, Trim & Mulch! And if you can, plant more flowers.  Also keep the walkways and front porch clear.  Put your garbage container and recycling containers away from the front exterior.

Look at other Sarasota homes for sale..   How does your home compare. Be better than your competition.

Let all your personal feelings go.  You are selling a house not “your home”.  Don’t take it personally – be tough -you want top dollar. It is a product that is on the market.

Get rid of Personal items …they only distract.  Remove personal photographs, family heirlooms and personal artifacts.  Allow the buyer to imagine their own things in the home.

De-clutter and rearrange all Closets, Kitchen Cabinets, Pantry, Laundry and  Utility room – and don’t forget the Garage.  Get rid of things on table tops, counter tops { Bathrooms & Kitchen } things that are in corners on the floor. If you haven’t used it in over a year, you probably don’t need it.

Call a local Sarasota charity for a pick up of your unneeded items and have a garage/yard sale.

If necessary – Rent a Storage Unit. Almost every home shows better with less furniture. Remove pieces of furniture that block or hamper paths and walkways and put them in storage

Take care of Minor repairs.  If buyers notice little flaws with the house they may wonder what else is wrong that they cant see.  Fix the obvious. Some examples are : Remove any unsightly surface mold. Usually a mix of bleach and water will handle it. Fix cracked floor or counter tiles, holes in walls, leaky faucets, bleach old grout. Consider painting your walls in neutral colors if they need a fresh coat.  Rent a pressure washer for an easy exterior cleanup of walkways, porches, roofs, cobwebs, even the house itself.  Just make sure you don’t chip the paint.   Replace burned-out light bulbs !! And make sure your lighting is comfortable. If you had needed a dimmer switch for the light over the kitchen table now is the time to install one..  You will kick yourself you didn’t do it sooner.  Dimmers make a huge difference.  If you are out of town or do not have a handyman… We are happy to suggest who can provide the services you will need.

Put fresh towels out and make sure your bedding looks new. No old torn blankets.

Check the odor with  your friends if they say it needs freshening up  –  do it  – but use something subtle. Don’t use strong perfume scents it  can make things worse.

Just before a showing –  Put away your valuables and confidential files and  remove all your medications from the bathroom cabinet. Turn on the lights, open the drapes and blinds, put on low easy listening music. Bake cookies if you have time.  Put out bottles of water and a bowl of candies or chocolates.  Make sure your marketing is displayed where it can be seen. Close the door behind you and wait for the prospects to leave before you return.

We will always give you feedback!  Remember do not take it personally. It is meant to help you make more necessary changes to the house. And pay attention to pricing remarks.  If it’s priced too high its not going to sell.

You can depend on us to help along the way and make it look easy.
Let’s get started – call us today 941-993-3159
We look forward to hearing from you !

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