OK, It’s official……We have been discovered !
As the city’s tourism increases so has the demand for hotel rooms.

Here is a list of future hotel locations with number of rooms planned for our City;

129 Rooms at 630 Orange Avenue in the heart of Burns Square.

212 Rooms at Fruitville and Cocoanut Avenue.

175 Rooms as part of Irish American Partners’ Sarasota Bayside{Quay} Project
located on the west side of 41 at the end of Fruitville.

140 Rooms on Palm Avenue just north of Main Street . It will be part of a mixed use project planned on the city owned parcel.

161 Rooms at Orange and Main Street where the Bank of America building is presently.

? Rooms on the east side of 41 just south of Boulevard of the Arts
Rumour has it that Lion Gate’s mixed use development has struck a deal with the Waldorf-Astoria

? Rooms on Palm Avenue just south of Main street next to 1350 Main . Home of the historical Hotel DeMarcay site.

Some of these are still in the planning stage and seek approval from the City’s planning department.
But I think we can all agree that what seems like alot of rooms now will prove to be a very good thing indeed by 2010 !!!
We will be ready for the flood of Baby Boomers predicted to start arriving here in 2009.
Same goes for the number of condos right now on the market.
When the baby boomers start ascending on us there could be a shortage. Hard to believe now but you know what they say….
supply and demand ……And the condo market will be hot once again !!
After all…..there is only one Sarasota !
Don’t wait too long…..prices have come down so jump in so you won’t be kicking yourself later.