I returned to Laurel Oak ( see May 2nd blog ) so not quite in keeping with my “new course every week” promise. Founded in 1990, Laurel Oak is a private, member-owned, equity club. After my round, an indifferent 83 on the East Course, I stopped by the membership office for the latest cost sheet and membership brochure.

There are 8 different categories of membership. We need only outline the Full Golf membership, the Executive membership and the Associate membership as the social and tennis related ones do not concern us. The Full Golf membership, with summer reciprocal play, is down to $6000 initiation ( payable over two years ) plus $615 monthly dues for a single ( $782 for a family ). For those under 50 years of age, the Executive membership allows you to pay 50% of the current dues through age 40, and then an additional 5% of dues payable each year after that so 100% of the then current dues would be paid by the time you hit 50. ( Confusing ? ) Finally, the Associate member can join for one year with no dues for a flat $7,500 ( or basically $625 per month ). There is a food minimum of $600 per year  ( $800 family ) which is not an issue.

For me, there are two nice benefits at Laurel Oak that get little attention. . Firstly, one can walk the course at certain times ( …most Sarasota County courses are “ride only” ). Secondly, all membership categories have reciprocal rights at The Bird Key Yacht Club, which includes dining, boating, tennis, swimming and fitness. A nice perk.

E-mail me for home styles and pricing in gated Laurel Oak Country Club.