When “season” would arrive ( roughly mid December to mid March ) the local Sarasota County semi-private golfer would brace for large tee time price jumps. But, from what I can tell, the increases have been more modest this year than in season’s past. Take Bent Tree for example. One can still get in 18 holes from $25 to $39 without much difficulty. A round at Misty Creek runs only about $40 with cart. I have seen Stoneybrook for as little as $39 even during “peak” playing times during the day.

     Keep in mind that I scout prices on-line through TeeOffSarasota.com or EZLinks.com or through GolfNow.com. But any local golfer can do the same. River Wilderness has times for $44 and Rosedale has afternoon tee times for as little as $29 after 12. Looks like the local golfer is still winning as all of our semi-private clubs continue to compete for the same golfers. So the lesson here is if you do your homework, you can play golf for mid summer prices.