University Park Country Club has basically decided to go public. Starting sometime later this year, the course will be open to public play during all of its operating hours. The 345 existing
members, who paid $30,000 to join the club, will get their full iniatiation fee back. In order to
keep somewhat of a private club feel, there will be a $5000 membership option that will allow
golfers to join all the associations, leagues, men’s and ladies days etc. But basically, this is simply a reflection of the current state of Sarasota golf in general. A number of public courses have closed (Foxfire & Sunrise) and a number of private courses, like University Park, are trying their own inventive solutions to bring up revenues (Laurel Oak, The Meadows).
This is certainly good news for those University Park property owners who could not justify the $30,000 initiation fee…especially those who just use their properties in the winter months. Now, they can do a pay-as-you-play for anywhere from $60 to $99.
Recent clients of mine might well have benefited from this news. They were interested in a University Park 3 bedroom/2 bath, 2 car garage home for only $360,000 ( !!) but opted for a Meadows purchase because of their far more attractive membership rates. Too late now.