No, I didn’t play The Concession this week. But I did receive their current guest fee structure, so allow me to vent.

      Yes, I understand the need to consider oneself the premier golf course in the entire community, which is likely true. But why must they price themselves so far and above all of the other pretenders to the throne? Just one price level up would have proved the point. The current in season “unaccompanied guest fee” is $250 + $25 for cart + $25 for a mandatory forecaddie + $25 mandatory minimum caddie gratuity. Save your pencils…that’s $325 before tax. C’mon.  This isn’t Vegas or Arizona desert resort golf. This is a community trying desperately to attract new players and hopefully new full time members.

     Homes in the community also remain overpriced, considering that The Concession is some 10 miles east of I75, all the way to the end of University Park. The furthest high end golf course to downtown Sarasota.

     The pricing logic of both escapes me.