Have you seen the new wine list?

We now have over 90 white and 130 red wines to choose from, including 25 by the glass!

The list is structured by region of origin and priced to provide members added value to their dining experience. This should not be missed!

Four wines are featured this year to commemorate the twenty fifth anniversary. These wines are offered at a 25% discount from the listed price, which includes two new wines made by Melissa Bates, a twenty year veteran of California wine making. Also, featured is B.R. Cohn’s Cabernet Sauvignon, Silver Label, (found on area restaurant’s wine lists at TWICE THE PRICE!) and Hanzell Chardonnay, 2004, a wine made from California’s oldest chardonnay vineyard, after fifty years, still setting the standard for “Grand Cru” style from Sonoma Valley.

What did our G.M. bring back from wine country last year, you ask? Answer: Some fantastic wines NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE OUTSIDE OF CALIFORNIA!!!

Speaking of wine, we now have a new “wine tasting dinner menu” every Friday and Saturday night in the Glen Room patterned after our famed wine dinners. The menu offers four courses with wine pairing suggestions by the Club’s “Sommelier”, Ted Straub. Try the pairings or make your own, it is a great way to experience the best of The Oaks Club culinary team.