Univ Pk Clubhouseaerial As I tour clients through golf course communities, many potential buyers express interest in renting a home to “test drive” a community before they purchase. This recently happened with a Canadian husband and wife who wanted to return this spring and rent in University Park Country Club. But to our surprise, there were absolutely no rentals to be had. “University Park is truly our most sought after rental community for golfers” says Diane Hunter of Jennette Property Rentals. Diane rented all of her own listings and could not help clients find homes even with other rental companies. We are talking over 50 homes rented!

The moral of this story is that a home in University Park is a great source of rental income for part time users. If you only use the home for a couple of months a year at this stage in your life, you can offset your costs with some significant rental income. A 2 bedroom 2 bath home at 2300 square feet rents for $5000 per month during season on Abingdon Court.

A great second home for you…and a great source of rental income in Sarasota’s best golf rental community.