the oaks clubThat’s the front page headline in today’s local newspaper… The Sarasota Herald-Tribune. The article specifically mentions three upscale clubs…The ConcessionThe Ritz-Carlton and ( my home course ) The Founders Club. The gist of the article is that these newer private clubs are all on the mend. Having  struggled through the recession, these high end clubs are signing up new members at an increased pace now that the tough economic times have eased.

The Concession is in a league of their own, dollar wise. Membership runs a steep $125,000 with $11,500 in yearly dues. So their additional “50 new memberships in the last year” is impressive indeed.

As for The Founder’s Club, I have personally noticed a definite increase in the number of player’s. At a modest $17,500 initiation ( and a far better location than The Concession ) I am surprised only some 40 new members joined in the past 12 months. But I can attest to the fact that an emphasis has now been put on social and casual activities at the club. Exercise classes, a new tennis program and a huge variety of dining themes has really made The Founders much more than just a golf club. Here’s hoping the trend continues.