Many of our buyers start their real estate searches on Zillow.  Our sellers will also go to the site to see how much their property is worth.  Zillow is usually a wonderful tool for searching however what they call  Zestimates are not reliable. We are constantly having to correct our clients when they call us with these zestimates.   They are simply not accurate. Even Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff answered that they’re “a good starting point” but that nationwide zestimates have a median error rate “of about 8% “.  What does this mean ? On a $500,000 house the zestimate would be off by $40,000 . This leaves both buyers and sellers confused with what a home’s true value is. And 8% is conservative in some markets it is as high as 61%

Bottom line use Zillow to start your search but not to determine a property’s value.  Trust us to do that work for you. Also our Sarasota real estate web site is very user friendly so go there for your search.  We have the tools and knowledge to help. We’ll do an analysis on sales comparable to the property in the particular area of interest.  And remember real estate is local. We are real estate experts in the Sarasota area !

If you are considering selling your home call us. We will give you the true accurate value of your home in today’s market. . And if you are buying we can help you get the fair market price for that home you { or we } found.

You can’t expect to find everything on your own especially if hasn’t hit the market yet. Local knowledge is key – Relax – Let us do the work for you !

We look forward to hearing from you.

Maureen and Patrick Doherty

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